What is urology?

Urology takes care of medical and surgical treatments of various diseases and disorders of the urinary (male and female) as well as disorders of the reproductive system (male) with a wide variety of medical and surgical treatments. This discipline is primarily surgical, but also uses a variety of non-surgical procedures.

The urologist treats the following disease :

  • Kidney cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Human health / Andrology / Male Infertility

Profile of the specialty

Number of specialists : 158

Man / Woman distribution : 137 / 21

The Quebec Urological Association's mission is to promote economic and professional interests of its members to promote the development and maintenance of the competence of its members through the CME committee.

The Continuing Medical Education Committee of the Quebec Urological Association's mission is to promote and foster the development and maintenance of the competence of its members in the field of expertise of its own to offer the population of Quebec to the highest standards for quality in regard to the practice of urology.

Secondary objectives of BMEC are :

  1. Provide an annual conference of the highest quality, which meets the objectives defined by the needs expressed by its members.
  2. Offer a day of annual training on surgical techniques in urology that meets the needs expressed by members of the association.
  3. Offer a timely manner of the days of CME on topics targeted to meet the needs expressed by the members.
  4. Stimulate maximum participation of all members of the CME.
  5. Integrate residents and fellows in training to CME.
  6. Always know the needs of members in CME.
  7. Develop a program of research and development in CME
  8. Develop a partnership with industry for interaction while avoiding potential conflicts of interest, all through a transparency policy that respects the rules.
  9. Promote interaction with other urological associations to stimulate and encourage the participation of our members at the annual conventions of other organizations, both national and international.
  10. Promote interaction with other members of other specialties in compliance with the requirements multidisciplinary (CanMed) to improve patient care.
  11. Integrate new Internet technologies to promote e-learning and interactions with members and the various sites and educational software available.